dirty knees

by tony peachka

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debut tapes from undisputed local champs Tony Peachka - eight plucky, spastic, blown-out jammers about self doubt, trying really hard, failing, self-actualization, and weird neighbors. and sex, probably. the genre-defining "clog-wave" release.


released October 6, 2016

recorded/mixed/produced by Jordan Bleau
mastered by Graham Barton
photo/design by Alex Uhrich



all rights reserved


tony peachka Minneapolis, Minnesota

danielle, hayley, melissa & stephanie :) <3 :)

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Track Name: sour grapes
I wish I had beige walls
I wish I had soil to plant my babies in
company in a window sill
had me wishing that it was last night still

I'm always searching for something inside my room
I'll never find it, it's just me and my winter mood!

I throw away coffee cups
I do it cause I'm still young
company in a cafe booth
had me wishing that I didn't think about you

I'm always searching for something inside of you
I'll never find it, there's nothing inside of you!

you talk like a politician
wish that you would quit and listen
do you know anything about me?
you would remember if I lost interest quickly

I'll never see you, but I think it's for the best
I only liked you when you were nicely dressed
I'll never see you, but I think it's for the best
I only liked us when we were both undressed
Track Name: NYE
this new year's eve I'm sleepless
I drink champagne, I drink wine
on a deflating air mattress
what brings me down brings you down too
I find it hard to express
melted thoughts of unknown size
my intimacies in this dress
does my butt look good to you?

if it were I who fell for the fly,
this time I won't shrink to his size

when it grows does it stop?
and when it stops does it shrink?
I wash my makeup in the bathroom sink
I ride the train home and I close my eyes

if it were I who killed the fly,
this time I will look in his eyes

2016 I've been dreaming
all grown up, suppose I'll stop
Track Name: fall asleep to 2
felt like I was trying too hard
waking up at 6am
something so tragic like I can't feel my feet
something so magic when I'm brushing my teeth

something to fall asleep to

felt like I was walking through a fog
waking up at 6am, again!
something so tragic like I missed the bus
something so magic pick me up in your truck

so you'll let me play that song again
wear that stupid sweater again

something to fall asleep to
Track Name: idle hands
my idle hands
want to take your hands
and stick them straight down into my pants
my idle hands
call them the devil
my idle hands

each month I get older
each month I get colder
don't wanna go to bars in the evening
gonna stay inside and eat all my feelings

I've made mistakes
inside this bed
to me she told me
to me tessa said,
"you gotta blow a lot of toads
before you meet you sweet frog prince"

I should hate you
all my friends do
but I still want you!
do you want me too?

I apologize to all the others
I apologize to my half-heated lovers
I think I know what you saw inside of me
a toad waiting so patiently

baby wants what baby can't have! :'(
Track Name: adderall
bad breath and broken headphones
there's a static in my ear
it's okay that you're not here
i have friends and cheap beer

dates are fine
strangers never mind
what i'm like online
strangers never mind

went for a walk the other day
saw two dead squirrels, an orange cat
they matched the leaves, the cigarettes
blend into the trees my broken pets

the pavement has lines
i'll stay on my side
look up at the sky
the pavement has lines

i stayed up all night long
24 milligrams of adderall
i made flashcards way too many flashcards
do u need any flashcards? I've got way too many flashcards

days go by
strangers stand in lines
they don't seem to mind
strangers stand in lines
i'm sweating through my shirt
my head it feels like dirt
i think i passed the test
when will i sleep next?
Track Name: knees
i drink milk from a jug
cause i don't wanna get a glass dirty
i drink milk from a jug
cause i am a child in maturity

maybe i could understand you
if you didn't stand so tall
i don't know what kind of pain you're in
you oughta take some tylenol

and i don't wanna feel it
but boy i'd like to see it
i am far too fragile
for falling in and out of...

oh bless the man who praises me
i am a girl who gets on her kness

but what is the price for wanting to please?

will i stay safe behind my wall
i'm like a raw egg before the fall

i am the man who praises me
i am the man!
Track Name: creeping charlie
i throw my lighter
it lands in a pile of dog shit
i was angry so i grab it
i throw it again
my neighbors they watch me
i hate them, they hate me
i'm gonna climb in through their window
and eat all their food

what is a fence without the ivy?
what is a lawn but creeping charlie?

i walk my bike to the street
there she is watering the plants on her porch
i say good morning to her
she says nothing back
what did i do to deserve her icy adult wrath?

what is a fence without the ivy?
what is a lawn but creeping charlie?
Track Name: dirt
i go to school
i get my degree
i should be happy
what else can i blame you for that i haven't already?

i buy a tv set
i lay my head on your chest
making love is like forgetting a song

i have a hole beneath my skirt
if i could i'd fill it with dirt
am i standing in somebody's way?
my presence is your ashtray

do you have to listen like i've been taught to?
do you have to love yourself like i've been taught not to?

i'm gonna think something so important!
i'm gonna be somebody so important!